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Precious Anderson
I absolutely love EnVie
Hello my name is precious, I’ve been coming to EnVie Fitness for about 6 months and I absolutely love it. We have the most incredible, wonderful instructors here, if you’re ready, come and sign up.
Katy Fatheree
Classes keep my workout interesting
Hi, I’ve been coming to EnVie for about 6 months now and I love it. It’s like having my own personal gym. There are always trainers there to help me improve my workout. There are classes to keep my workout interesting and I always feel supported here. I urge you to give it a try.
Starshine Nolan
EnVie gives me much needed time away from my two young kids at home
I’ve been with EnVie since January. I really like coming here because it gives me sometime away from my two young kids at home, every young mum needs that time for themselves. I can either come crank out a good Zumba session with Angie or I can completely relax in a yoga class with Carla. Either way, I love coming to EnVie.
Lynne Anderson
My muscles are stronger and my overall health is much better
I saw EnVie when we were out shopping one day and decided to check it out.I was immediately impressed with what I saw and what EnVie had to offer me. Bridget has been working with me since September 2014. My goal was to no longer be a ‘recliner potato’. My weight at the start was 105lbs, I’m now 110.6lbs. My muscles are stronger and my overall health is much better. I am now in my seventh month of working with Bridget, I have reached my goal weight of 115lbs, am much stronger, we will continue to work on my balance and I feel prepared to handle any situation that may come my way. Bridget will continue to work with me for another 8 weeks and today I’ll begin yoga classes, it’s my first time doing yoga. I love this new me and I love the EnVie team they are the best.
Louann Schulze
The staff & members are very welcoming & encouraging you should give it a go
What I like about EnVie is that it’s for real women, not spandex Barbie dolls showing off. The staff & members are very welcoming & encouraging you should give it a go.
Sue Chapman
Lost over 15kg
I joined EnVie Fitness with a friend so I could have some ‘me’ time. But more importantly to lose the weight, that had snuck up on me, which I had been ignoring for a while. I had been feeling uncomfortable and out of place, being a lot bigger than all my friends and work mates. I couldn’t remember the last time I had bought any ‘nice’ clothes. I was living in the same pair of pants and a few tops and I’d finally had enough. I have participated in two more challenges and have lost over 15kg since March last year. It has been an extremely hard struggle, both emotionally and physically. But I have had plenty of support from the trainers and all the lovely ladies who get up at the crack of dawn and drag themselves to the gym for a 5.45am start.
Therese Smith
Came to EnVie with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
I first came to EnVie Fitness Penshurst to help manage the symptoms and limitations associated with having MS. Since commencing with EnVie I have participated in strength training, boxing, cycling and Gentle Exercise classes.
Pregnant and injured
As someone who has always been health conscious and keen to keep fit, it was important for me to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the duration of my first pregnancy. Upon my first visit with Alex in a large leg brace it was then I felt that EnVie was the best place for me to train. Even with my brace and baby on board Alex assured me that the EnVie team would be able to help me achieve my goal of getting back on two feet and maintaining a good level of health and fitness throughout the nine months.
Sian Napper
Lost 20kg & 60cm
I have been a member of many gyms over my time and I have found EnVie to be one of the most welcoming, friendly gyms. I feel the staff are very knowledgeable and take the time to educate members on everything ‘fitness’, most of all correct technique when doing classes and working with weights. Since joining EnVie I am back to my pre baby weight, losing 20kg and over 60cm. I am feeling fit, motivated and strong not only physically, but also mentally.
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